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PostSubject: Ranger   Ranger I_icon_minitimeWed Jan 22, 2014 8:41 am

I wanted to post somewhere, I picked this place! I also picked Ranger because it is my favorite class so far and I see a lot of them in guild and hopefully I can give some useful tips here. Mine is very AOE based.... by the way.  Suspect 


AT WILLS: Rapid Shot & Split Shot. Both rank three, they are the two you start with and I have not found any I liked more. Split Shot for AOE and Rapid shot to pick something off waiting for your Encounters to cool down.

ENCOUNTERS: Split the Sky, Rain of Arrows, Rage of Thorns. All rank three. Split the Sky and Rage of Thorns are huge AOE Encounters. I start off with these then use Rain of Arrows on a singled (or two enemies if lucky! rabbit ) for quick heavy burst of damage! Woo! We all love damage.

CLASS FEATURES: Aspect of the Falcon & Aspect of the Serpent. Flacon increases your range, fitting for an archer. Serpent is a stacking attack buff up to five, increasing your damage each attack. So keep attacking and keep a damage buff, sweet deal.

DAILY: Seismic Shot & Forest Ghost. Seismic Shot for Seismic burst of damage, and it's AOEness! Forest Ghost to hide from your enemies when you need those extra seconds for your potion cool down. (Sometimes I switch this to Disruptive Shot.


I am not going to list out all the feats I took, but I specialized in stamina regen, being less of a threat, increasing Encounter & At will damages, and critical strike.

Paragon feats

I did all Archery with this, basically allllll of it. I did do one feat in Nature for extra healing cause I didn't want an Archery feat.  Rolling Eyes 


Basically any gear your level works, but I try to do things with power and critical strike. Same with enchantments.

That is all I got to say for now. There is probably better ideas out there, I am still new to the game myself and this works for me! If you got any Ranger ideas post them here! So someday, some new player can get lead to this thread by google, and read through all of our posts, and ideas... and he/she would create the bestest Ranger this world have'ith ever seen...  Twisted Evil 

Anyways... Hope this helps at all! See you in game.
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PostSubject: Re: Ranger   Ranger I_icon_minitimeThu Jan 30, 2014 5:18 pm

An added tip here newly discovered five minutes ago. Certain Encounter powers are bow specific so when you switch to your blades, that is not a bow you can't use it. So they are instead buffs. You can switch to your blades and activate these buffs quickly then switch back to your bow.  Razz

Now that I understand the game a lot more I really want to respec my ranger Windy. But~ I do not want to buy zen or spend my life savings of astral diamonds for it. But someday! I think I will be able to make her a lot stronger and share that new knowledge here. In time my friends... in time.
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